Cash Is King - Covid Edtion

Making consumer purchases with cash is the best strategy to maintain privacy. Most electronic purchases we make may potentially track the credit card number, rewards number, cell number if ever given, drivers license if swiped to validate identity with credit card, serial number, MAC address, and on cell devices, the IMEI number that can track your identity around the world. Recently we were tasked with an Apple Store run to anonymously purchase some devices for a “under the radar” startup. [Read More]

Now Accepting Bitpay Supported Crypto Currencies

We have received several requests to support more crypto payment options. Crypto is not just about privacy. For many it is about exercising freedom from conventional banking. For others, it is about not supporting the credit card companies. Some just want to practice a level of pseudo privacy where transaction meta data is not consumed by parasitic data aggregating big tech. Yes transactions on most block chains may be identifiable to an individual however one must also take into consideration the threat. [Read More]

E-Payment Platforms Tracking Your Every Move

Can a tiger change its Stripe-(s)? Recently a web app developer Michael Lynch posted a blog article regarding his discovery of Stripe, a very popular e-payment processor logging all visitor page browsing and mouse activity from most e-commerce website choosing their platform. Everything from start to finish even if the visitor did not sign in or go to the payments page. More alarming was the discovery all this data is being uploaded to Stripe and a tracking cookie is placed on the visitors browser that uniquely identifies them when they visit other e-commerce sites using stripe. [Read More]