Now Accepting Bitpay Supported Crypto Currencies

 August 10, 2020  |  Ronin

We have received several requests to support more crypto payment options. Crypto is not just about privacy. For many it is about exercising freedom from conventional banking. For others, it is about not supporting the credit card companies. Some just want to practice a level of pseudo privacy where transaction meta data is not consumed by parasitic data aggregating big tech.

Yes transactions on most block chains may be identifiable to an individual however one must also take into consideration the threat. If the threat is low then main stream crypto is an option. If the likelihood that a transaction on a blockchain will raise any concern and be tied to an individuals activity well then Monero and now mixing is an option.

Effective immediately we support the payment with any crypto supported in the Bitpay wallet. When you are coordinating payment for your transaction communicate which crypto you will pay with, then we will provide you with the wallet address. We rotate the address often so having it published on our website is not viable. We will start with a manual process. When transaction volume increases we will consider a Bitpay plugin to the website.

If your reason to transact with non private crypto is more about financial principle and freedom and less about privacy you now have options. If you require ultimate transaction privacy you have more options. Now one can utilize a mixing service or use Monero.